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The Marquis of Sassari is a true lover of the products of his land, Sardinia. For years it has marketed myrtle berries with great success together with other products of the island that its loyal buyers requested in addition to their orders, now with the new portal it wants to offer this service in a simpler and more convenient way, with a vast selection of genuine products that grows continuously, the Marquis as a good connoisseur is always looking for products that still have that craftsmanship that is slowly disappearing, he wants to offer the authentic flavors of Sardinia at popular prices. Welcome to the Marquis shop

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What it offers:

  • Vast assortment of products from the Land of Centenarians
  • Fast, cheap and accurate deliveries
  • Fair prices and constantly updated offers
  • Gift boxes and Christmas baskets
  • Creation of personalized gift ideas and favours
  • During the myrtle berry picking season, any quantity required is available (reservation is preferable)