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Il Marchese di Sassari

2.5 kg approximately - Pecorino Sardo Dop Dolce, sheep's milk cheese produced in Sardinia by Sepi Formaggi

2.5 kg approximately - Pecorino Sardo Dop Dolce, sheep's milk cheese produced in Sardinia by Sepi Formaggi

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Sardinian Pecorino Dop Dolce - Sepi - Typical Sardinian products online Pecorino Sardo Dop Dolce has a delicate and aromatic taste; the paste is white or straw-yellow in colour, soft and compact, the rind is smooth and therefore thin. Shape: approximately 2.5 kg Sardinian Pecorino DOP Dolce - Sepi - Typical Sardinian products The characteristics: The high quality of this pecorino is guaranteed by the protection consortium which, through constant supervision, ensures compliance with production regulations. Pecorino Sardo Dop Dolce is a cheese to be enjoyed at the table or used in cooking. The Sardinian pecorino DOP offered on our Sardinian cheese resale site is a sweet type of pecorino, to be consumed fresh. On our e-commerce you will find many other interesting Sardinian specialities, such as bottarga, guttiau bread and myrtle liqueur Sardinian Pecorino DOP Dolce - Sepi - Sardinian cheese for sale The average composition of sheep's milk, compared with that of the other three main ruminant species from dairy and women's milk, if compared with that of bovine and goat's milk, sheep's milk is characterized by a higher protein and lipid content, which makes it particularly suitable for transformation into cheese. Greater opalescence, mainly due to the reflection of light on the suspended particles, a porcelain white color, due to the lack of carotene in the fat. Superior resistance to If Sardinia is famous for its cheese, the pecorino is certainly the Sardinian cheese par excellence, so as to appear almost a typical identity marking the island. Its high quality is guaranteed by the consortium, which, through constant supervision, ensures compliance with the production rules. Pecorino Sardo Dolce Pdo is a cheese to taste at the table or to use in the kitchen. The PDO Sardinian Pecorino proposed in our resale of Sardinian cheese is a type of sweet cheese, to be eaten fresh. Try other Sardinian delicatessen on our e-commerce


Ewe's milk, salt, rennet

  • Sardinian fresh cheese
  • Sardinian pecorino produced by Sepi Formaggi

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Sardinia is one of the few lands not yet highly industrialized, the companies are not factories and although many produce in large quantities, they still manage to maintain the traditional production processes.

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