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Il Marchese di Sassari

Sardinian fresh pasta dumplings, also called Malloreddus or Ciccioneddos

Sardinian fresh pasta dumplings, also called Malloreddus or Ciccioneddos

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These Sardinian gnocchi are produced by Giusi's La Sardegna artisan laboratory, the company presentation makes it clear how much they care about their work, focusing heavily on the difference between a food industry and a quality artisan laboratory:

"Giusi's Sardinia

Ancient emotions come to life in our fresh pasta: the calibrated roughness of the pastry and its thinness, the balance of the ingredients of the fillings, the harmony of the flavours.

Taste and pleasure harmonize with the search for quality which leads us to a rigorous selection of suppliers and raw materials, with the result of ensuring good, tasty products"

Pasta: Durum wheat semolina, 00 flour, water, salt
Allergens: Contains gluten
Storage: in the refrigerator 3/6Β°
Cooking: Immerse in boiling water for 4/5 minutes
Conf: In Modified Atmosphere
Additives/antioxidants: E202 - E301

Stored in a modified atmosphere, expiration 24 days from production.

Guaranteed quality product

All the products offered by the Marquis of Sassari pass the "Nobile Buongustaio" selection, that is, if we like a product, if we consider it to be of quality, we put it up for sale, otherwise we don't dare offer it... Let's not make the Marquis angry!

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We ship all our parcels with new compliant packaging for food products, deliveries are all express and traceable

Handcrafted product

Sardinia is one of the few lands not yet highly industrialized, the companies are not factories and although many produce in large quantities, they still manage to maintain the traditional production processes.

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