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Il Marchese di Sassari

Aged Pecorino Fiore Sardo DOP Pinna di Thiesi (SS)

Aged Pecorino Fiore Sardo DOP Pinna di Thiesi (SS)

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One of the oldest cheeses of the Sardinian tradition, kept for millennia and protected by the Protected Designation of Origin. It is still produced according to ancient traditions in the folds of Sardinian shepherds with freshly milked raw, unpasteurised milk.
The wheels weigh about 3 kg, with the typical rounded heel of a mule. These are treated on the surface with olive oil and smoked, taking on a characteristic rustic appearance. As per the disciplinary, it matures for at least 105 days to be consumed as a table cheese; over six months to be grated on tasty pasta dishes.
The crust is rough, dark brown in colour. The paste is compact, hard, without holes, white or straw yellow.

The aroma is full and characteristic, of milk and smoked. The flavor is intense , rich and complex , persistent , with a spicy note .
It is an important cheese, to be enjoyed slowly. It is splendid accompanied by a tasty bread and a great red wine. Grated , it gives aroma , flavor and character to pasta and soups . Enjoyed with sweet grapes or ripe figs is a wonderful way to end a meal .

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